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Our luxury bedding collections showcase some of the finest bedding available in South Africa. From our Signature collection crafted from luxurious 800 thread count Egyptian Cotton fabric to our True Linen Collection featuring a mixture of textured flax linen with satin-smooth Egyptian Cotton, the name Falucca Linen is one you can safely call outstanding comfort.


Browse through our luxury bedding Signature Collection to discover the styles and colours that resonate with your own taste preference.

Shadow Oxford Pillowcases

Signature Collection White

Oyster Oxford bed linen

Charcoal Satin Stitch

Oyster Satin Stitch

Bold Border Pillowcases

For the connoisseur of high thread count luxury bedding we present our Signature collection. Made from our 800 thread count Egyptian Cotton fabric, this range is on par with European quality bedding yet made locally right here in South Africa. Available in five shades, White, Oyster, Breeze, Shadow and Charcoal, and we will be adding Navy in 2019. All five shades are availble in a variety of designs, singe satin stitch, double satin stitch, criss-cross satin stitch, two tone, plain, oxford and double oxford. Customisation also available in this definitive luxury fabric.


White True Linen

Bone Duvet Cover

Silver-Grey and Gunmetal

As part of our exciting new collection, we merge seemingly opposite forces with incredible results. It’s the first innovation of its kind, using satin-smooth 800 thread count Egyptian Cotton on one side and true textured linen in a reversible marriage of body and mind, yin and yang, to prioritise wellbeing. Most importantly, it allows you the luxury of choosing what you want your bed to feel like every night, ensuring optimal pleasure in sleep. The range is also available in four different colours silver-grey, bone, gunmetal and white.


Luxury Mattress Toppers

Summer Down Inners

Down Pillow Inners

We offer a full range of top quality inners and basics to complement your Falucca Fine Linen. The range includes down duvet inners in different weights and sizes, down alternative inners and pillows for allergy sufferers, luxury mattress toppers, 100% cotton quilted mattress and pillow protectors.


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