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Explore the luxury of charcoal in your bed decor

Our new colour palette Charcoal in the Signature Collection pays homage to the life-giving substance charcoal with its sensual undertones, to turn your bed into the luxurious rest nest you’ve always wanted. Charcoal has been instrumental through the ages in every part of the world, serving as both an essential[…]

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Embrace these shades of grey for your bed

When it comes to your bed, there’s just one shade of grey to take note of: Shadow. Still sleeping in the ever-popular white? Studies have shown that darker colours promote better sleep, and natural greys are high up on the list. Our 800 thread-count pure Egyptian cotton Signature Collection is[…]

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6 ways to cozy up your bedroom

falucca linen charcoal signature collection egyptian cotton 800 thread count

Shop Signature Collection Charcoal. We don’t all have the privilege of having a fireplace in our bedroom, but by imitating some of Mother Nature’s tricks we can easily cozy up our bedrooms this winter. 1. Warm glow Light colour has a huge influence on our perception of temperature. Yellow light[…]

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Give your bed French classic style

Bedroom Block & Chisel collaboration decor bed style

We collaborated with decor experts Block & Chisel to create the most beautiful French classic bedroom.  “Enjoy the honey-heavy dew of slumber.” ~ William Shakespeare The result is truly wonderful, highlighting how important your bed is in the overall styling of your bedroom. Stick to these styling principles to achieve[…]

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Feather up your bed for winter

duvet and pillows on wooden bed

Follow this essential information on what type of bedding inners you need to turn your bed into the coziest hibernation spot this winter. The cold months loom ahead, and just as the birds spend time meticulously lining their nests with soft down feathers and other insulating bits and pieces, so[…]

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Fall in love with our Midnight colour palette

Midnight colour palette Signature Collection Falucca Fine Linen angle

Inspired by the velvet depth of the African evening, we bring you the Midnight colour palette in our Signature Collection, our premium 800 thread count Egyptian Cotton linen bedding. “All great beginnings start in the dark, when the moon greets you to a new day at midnight.” ― Shannon L.[…]

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Get your bed ready for spring

Falucca Fine Linen white egyptian cotton bedding

From dusting to throwing out old and unused things, your house will get a spring clean, so why shouldn’t your bed be on the list too? Here are a few ways you can get your bed and bedding ready for the warmer months ahead. No more dust bunnies First up,[…]

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Introducing Yin Yang natural bedding

White Yin Yang bed linen by Falucca Fine Linen

We bring two luxurious natural fabrics together in a reversible marriage of textural delight in our Yin Yang bedding style. On one side, you’ll find satin-smooth 800 thread count Egyptian Cotton and on the other, true textured linen. The result is two wonderful textural choices that bring you back in[…]

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