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Find snuggle heaven in 4 easy steps

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If you choose your bed linen well, you’ll never struggle to regulate your body temperature when you’re sleeping again. Here are four smart snuggle tips on the type of bedding you’ll need:

1. Go with pure cotton

Pure cotton is well known as a material to do this so it is the obvious choice. Buy the best quality your can afford. The higher the fabric thread count (over 600), the denser and therefore warmer it will be.

2. Insulate your mattress

Did you know that 30% of the warmth you generate in bed is lost through your mattress? Keep the warmth where it belongs with a luxury mattress topper. Designed like a fitted sheet, they are soft and puffy, warm as toast and double up as a mattress protector.

3. Snuggle at Club Duvet

Duvet inners come in so many varieties it can be difficult to choose the right one for you. My favourite is down, either goose or duck. Choosing the correct weight or tog is the trick. Autumn weight (10/11 tog) is the one I would recommend for South African winters. Even though a pure down duvet can be pricey, if chosen well you will use it for decades.

4. Grandma’s snuggly blankey

For those really cold nights, keep a blanket or throw at hand. Make sure it is big enough to drop down the sides of your bed so it does not fall off during the night.

Of course, everyone should have that old faithful to warm your cold feet for some serious snuggle time: the simple hot water bottle.

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