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How to check that your fitted sheet fits

Fitted sheet demonstration

Ever wondered whether your bed has got bigger or your fitted sheet has got smaller? Well, that all depends.

Tumble dry blues

If your fitted sheet fitted perfectly a fortnight ago but now getting it over the mattress is a 15-minute training exercise, the culprit will most likely be improper laundering, either an extremely hot wash or (and this is far more likely) over drying on a hot cycle in the tumble dryer. Most natural fibres shrink when exposed to extreme heat, but it’s true that quality and shrinkage often go hand in hand as higher quality linen tends to shrink less.

Most shrinkage can be prevented by laundering on a warm cotton wash and a low heat tumble dry. Better yet, dry it on the washing line and you’ll get the best possible results; your sheets won’t shrink, they’ll feel better and you’ll save some money on your energy bill too.

Mattress evolution

Mattresses have also changed over the years, they have got deeper and many linen brands have not kept up with this trend, with the result being fitted sheets that don’t cover the mattress.

Fitted sheet made from Egyptian Cotton
A perfectly snug fitted sheet.

How to find the right fitted sheet

Measure up

When shopping for fitted sheets, arm yourself with a few measurements before you head out. You will need the width, length and depth of your mattress. Now add 10cm onto the depth measurement and you have the size you will be looking for. You might not find your exact measurements, however, the variation should not be more than 5cm in any direction.

Choose fully elasticised sheets

Look for fitted sheets that have a fully elasticised skirt, elasticised corners only, are a manufacturing short cut and in my opinion these should be avoided!

Falucca Fine Linen manufactures custom made fitted sheets to fit all local and international mattress sizes. Contact us at info@faluccalinen.co.za for more information.