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Get the right duvet size

A duvet cover and a smiling woman in bed.

Every so often you will be told a fact that seems so illogical that it is difficult to believe. Here’s one of them: King and Queen duvets and covers are the same width.

While there is a 30cm difference in the width between the two bed sizes, standard South African duvet inners and covers stay a resolute 230cm in width regardless. Yet, King Duvets are 20cm longer which seems strange given that the King and Queen beds are the same length.

The problem that arises is the drop-down length of the duvet on either side of the bed. On a Queen size bed you will have a drop down of approximately 40cm on either side, but on the King size bed you will only have a drop down of 24cm which is why a King duvet and cover often does not cover the mattress on the sides of a King size bed.

Classic white bedding with the correct duvet size.
The duvet on this bed neatly covers the mattress. Credit: Au Lit Fine Linens, Pietra White collection

For those of us after a well made-up bed, this exposed mattress is definitely less than ideal. But more than that, not having the correct duvet size to match your bed can make sleeping with a partner tricky since you’ll end up fighting over the duvet if it is too small.

Standard duvet sizes

Below is a size guide (with width measurements), indicating which duvet inners and covers are best suited to the standard bed sizes in South Africa. Make sure you get the right size for your bed:

Single Beds 92cm – Three quarter duvets and covers, 150cm

Three Quarter Beds 105m – Double duvets and covers, 200cm

Double Beds 137cm – Double duvets and covers, 200cm

Queen Beds 152cm – Queen duvets and covers, 230cm

King Beds 183cm – Super King duvets and covers, 260cm

Extra Length beds are only 10 to 13cm longer than standard length beds and therefore do not have much impact on duvet sizing. However, this size difference does need to be taken into account when purchasing fitted sheets.

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